One of many two-word phrases everyone
is likely tired of hearing.

Hunker down!
Social distancing!
Home schooling! (Or is that one word?)
No Sports!

Working from home is a necessity and small businesses like mine must quickly adapt.

Many prefer change to happen gradually. When there is a change in routine: work-life change, economic change, environmental change, technological change etc., it causes a shockwave to everyone’s lives and we’re still feeling the abruptness of it.

Sometimes, change is forced upon us by circumstances outside of our control.

So, how do you remain business as usual when it is anything but ‘usual’?

Jobs like ours require your physical presence. Yes, for the obvious reasons, but also for social interaction. Whether it is with the customer, the crew, the office or the vendor. Relationships are key. While we try to remain operationally responsive, we have been lucky enough to have great customers who understand that a project timeline may change. That we’re doing our part to keep the wheels in motion, as difficult as it is. As much as we are all still working out the kinks of this NEW NORMAL, I am encouraged by the consideration and selflessness of others. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility. It is amazing in times like these, that we all find a way to unify.

Liberty Painting & Siding, LLC is dedicated to a safe working environment. We remain committed to the well-being of our customers and Team Liberty! We have taken the necessary steps to keep our crew healthy and hope the same for our community.

Matt Sloat, Owner/Manager, Liberty Painting & Siding, LLC