Who We Are

A photo of a home in Hingham after the exterior has been updated by Liberty Painting.
A photo of Liberty Painting & Siding business. Van & Sign
A photo of a colonial home after the exterior has been updated by Liberty Painting.

Matt Sloat established Liberty Painting & Siding, LLC in November of 2002.

After many years of previously working in the commercial painting industry as a lead foreman, Matt gained the knowledge, skills and experience to start his own company. His vision then and still today is to provide the best workmanship possible and to stand behind all of our projects from commercial to residential, no matter how big or small.

We are proud to be comprised of a highly skilled team to perform work on residential & commercial projects. From painting to carpentry, we have combined over 30 years of experience. Many of our Customers that we have built relationships with continue to contact us throughout the years for their various projects.

As we are continuously meeting new Customers and building new relationships, we at Liberty Painting & Siding, LLC look forward to hearing from you and being a part of our “Team Liberty” family.