How Paint Can Transform Your Kitchen 

We can all probably agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a gathering space where friends and family can celebrate milestones, share a meal, or just enjoy a cup of tea together. 

Over the years, you may find yourself longing for a new, fresh look in your kitchen that will make the space look less dated, or possibly a breath of fresh air into an overused high-traffic room in your home. 

A complete gut and renovation of a kitchen is costly and can mean the loss of your kitchen for weeks and even months at a time while construction crews rebuild your space. However, paint is potentially equally transformative and will save you the hassle of having to do without a kitchen during renovations. And your wallet will thank you as well. 

Weymouth Kitchen Cabiets Before & AfterKitchen Cabinet Painting 

How old are your kitchen cabinets? Is the style dated, or is the wood stain looking a little worn? A new coat of paint can completely change the aesthetics of a kitchen for a fraction of the price of installing new kitchen cabinets. 

Many homeowners choose the trendy idea of having tuxedo cabinets where the top cabinets are a different hue than the lower cabinets. Others choose a monochromatic look that has all the cabinets looking uniform. Still, others choose to go with one color for the cabinets and a coordinating color for the island or backsplash. The options are nearly endless! 

Wall and Ceiling Painting 

If you are not quite adventurous to paint your cabinets a fresh coat of paint on your walls can also change the overall look of your kitchen. 

Take your space from an outdated to a more modern look or sleek choice by choosing a  trending color. If your kitchen is on the smaller side make it appear larger by choosing a lighter color palette or painting the ceiling a hue in the same color family thus drawing the eye upward. 

Fun for the Kids 

If you have young children, you know that the traffic in the kitchen is non-stop to get snacks and meals. Make the walls a surface they can use (without getting in trouble) by adding chalkboard paint to one area where they can draw and practice letters while you prepare food. 

Add a Color Feature 

Depending upon the size of your kitchen you may want to paint one wall an accent color to add a focal point for friends and family when they visit. This could be the wall of a breakfast nook, a seating area, or even a fireplace area that many homes now feature in the dual family room kitchen areas. 

Coordinate with Appliances 

Many homes now have colorful appliances such as stand mixers, or a coordinating color in your kitchen. 

Have fun choosing your colors and talk to Liberty Paint and Siding about making your transformation happen this year!