How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home’s Interior

May 4, 2022

Painting always seems like a fun project until you start to face the decision of what color to paint a particular room. Then it becomes a herculean task that is fraught with questions like, “did I choose the right color?” Or, “will I regret this color choice in a few months?”

While we can’t make the final decision for you, we can give you some time-tested tips and suggestions we have learned over the years of our professional experience. Here are a few that have helped many of our clients lower their choices and make a choice that they are happy with for years to come. 

interior painting

Take a Broad Look at Your Whole Home

Choosing paint for a single room or several rooms in your home should be done after taking a wider look at your home as a whole. 

Ask yourself some questions such as: 

  • What colors have worked in your home before? 
  • Do you have a color palette that you do not want to stray too far from? 
  • Or conversely, have you “played it safe” in too many rooms and want to go bold in a room to make a statement?  

If you want to have the color pallet flow from one room to another, be sure to stay in a color tone such as neutrals, deeper shades or colors that could be described as muted or pale. If you want to go the other direction, choose a color that will pop compared to other rooms in your home! It’s all up to you. 

Consider Your Furnishings & Decor 

Unless you are planning to start fresh with everything in the room from floor to ceiling including all your furnishings, artwork, and decor, you may want to take into account the colors that are already in the room for your color scheme choice. 

Are there colors that would coordinate or work well with your existing furnishings? Possibly look around the room for inspiration from a favorite chair, a piece of art, or a decorative piece that you love. Even little knick knacks around the rooms can inspire a color choice. 

paint swatches

Test It Out 

If you have a few colors in mind and still can’t decide, we suggest trying the colors out with sample sizes you can purchase. Paint swatches (larger than the kind you find in stores) on several walls in the room you are painting. This will allow you to see the colors at different times of the day and under different lighting conditions. 

Use Online Technology 

Another option that has evolved over the last few years is the use of online technology to simulate what your actual room will look like with the options you have chosen. Virtual paint visualizers can let you take control and allow you to see what your room may look like before ever opening a can of paint. 

Still having trouble deciding on a paint color? Talk to our experts who can help you and schedule an appointment for your next paint project.