Painting Resolutions for the New Year 

Every year, Americans make resolutions to kick off the year. For some, resolutions can include eating a little better, while for others they include cutting spending or following good sleep habits. For us here in the painting industry, we have our own version of New Year’s Resolutions – painting resolutions!

Here are a few painting resolutions that can help you transform your home or business with a fresh coat of paint either on your interior surfaces or the exterior of your home/business. 

color samples

Explore Many Color Palettes

Many homeowners and business owners like to play it safe and choose colors that are neutral or acceptable to most people. We challenge you this year to go outside your comfort zone and explore paint colors that bring you joy. 

Try those colors that inspire you. It may be a color you have seen in a painting or on a piece of fabric. Or it may be a color you see in nature. Whatever it is, step outside of your safe color zone and at least consider colors that may be considered bold or daring. 

Trending colors can be fun and new, but be sure you are picking a color that matches your lifestyle, your personality, and coordinates with your furnishings. A color that works for one home, may not be a good fit for another. 

Consider An Accent Wall 

If you love color but your favorite hues are a bit bold or too daring in your estimation, try doing an accent wall. This way you get to use that color that brings you joy without overwhelming the space with the color. 

color samples

Test Your Color 

Standing in the paint aisle of your neighborhood hardware store is not the best place to decide on a color for your home’s exterior or interior. The hardware store most likely has very little natural light and the artificial light may be fluorescent or dimly lit. 

We suggest testing out your color on several walls using a sample can of paint in the sheen level you hope to use. By putting a sample on several walls, homeowners have the opportunity to see the color throughout the day with varying amounts of the actual natural light that will be in the room. Putting a sample on also allows for viewing the paint color with artificial light as well. Some lighting choices can bring out undertones in paint that may not be the color you were looking for in your space. 

Protect Your Possessions

Too many novice painters think they can work around home furnishings or office furnishings. This could lead to damaging those furnishings with dripping paint or primer. 

Take the extra time to remove all furniture and cover over items that can not be removed with a drop cloth to protect them. Included in this is the idea that floors should be covered to avoid messes that could ruin carpeting or hardwood floors. 

Happy New Year! If you would like to refresh your home or business this coming year, consider our team to get the job done in a professional and timely manner.