Questions to Consider When Choosing an Exterior Color 

August 3, 2022

Painting can be a daunting process for many who take on the task. One of the most challenging parts for many homeowners and business owners is one of the first steps… choosing a paint color. 

Spending hours upon hours sifting through color options is often a nightmarish scenario for many. Since we here at Liberty Painting are painting pros with years of experience, we thought we could lend a hand in this sometimes harrowing process of choosing an exterior color for your home or business. 

Here are some questions that may help you narrow your choices and feel confident in your final decision in your exterior color. 

What’s the Style of Your Home & Neighborhood? 

Start your color decision by taking a long hard look at both your home/business architecture as well as the surrounding neighborhood. 

Is your home traditional, craftsman, Victorian, or on the historical registry for your area? The answer to this question could help you determine a color palette that is right for your home and neighborhood. 

For instance, if you live in a historic district the homes surrounding yours may be limited in the exterior colors that are permitted to use. By going outside that color hue, your home may unnecessarily stand out, and not in a positive way. 

Always consider your adjacent neighbors and the general vibe of the neighborhood as you start your decision-making process. If all the homes are fairly traditional in their color choices you may want to take that into consideration especially if you are thinking about a bold color choice. (Although following the crowd is not necessary, it can help you make a choice.) 

The style of home you have may also help you in your color choices. Colonials and Cape Cod-style homes are usually more traditional, while craftsman and modern homes can handle some bold or unique colors. 

What Hues Are Already Present in Your Surroundings? 

Many properties already have some color schemes happening such as roof color, hardscape colors, and surrounding landscaping. Be sure to examine the colors that you may want to coordinate with your main exterior color. Earthy tones in your stone retaining wall or walkway pavers on your patio may help steer you in a certain direction when choosing colors. 

The same concept goes for your landscape colors. The colors of nature, such as a blooming Dogwood tree, a rock garden, a flower garden, or other components can help inspire your color choices. 

Have You Tested The Color? 

Try not to get overwhelmed by the thousands of color choices that are currently out there. Instead, choose a few color palettes that will complement your home/business, the neighborhood, and your property. Be sure to test out the colors on the exterior facade instead of relying on small swatches. 

We also suggest testing out the colors on several sides of the structure so you can see how the light impacts the color at different times of the day. 

Do you need assistance choosing your exterior color? Talk to our team today and get started on your exterior painting project this summer.